Federal Government Websites

Since 2011, most of my work has involved federal websites. Below is a list of the sites I've worked on and the roles I've played, with most recent first.


I was brought into the SAMHSA project to help with feature fixes, CSS issues, cross-browser compatibility, and making their half dozen or so Drupal websites operate more consistently. This was by far the best Drupal dev environment I have worked in, as my small workgroup had to set up instances of each Drupal site in a local host environment and push our changes to github. We used Lando (based on Docker) to run the local instances. 


I was the chief maintainer of this Drupal 7 site for about a year and a half. This is a highly customized site, not made in the standard Drupal way but with lots of custom PHP code and templates. My job was to reverse engineer it and dismantle parts of it, as the Datascience group at NIH was being restructured. 


I was also the exclusive maintainer of this site for roughly 18 months. The site is owned by the EPA and is in Drupal 7. It was designed by the Advertising Council and is basically a static site that built in Drupal. My work included bug fixing, all the backups and updates, and extensive 508-compliance work involving third-party testing services.


I was chief maintainer of this Drupal 7 site, also owned by the EPA. In addition to bug fixing, updates, and backups, I had to monitor things on the server as we hosted this site on our IIS server.  I also produced a responsive-designed version of the site.


National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NIH. My job was to help out with content updates. The site was transitioning from Sharepoint to Sitecore, so I received training in both platforms. 


The link shown is the Nasa-Goddard public site. My job was to migrate Goddard's intranet portal into a Drupal 7 website. I was the Drupal team lead, within a team of 15 or so other developers (who had other projects but helped me out with occasional coding). I architected the site from scratch, deciding on which theme and modules to use, which custom content types and taxonomy terms were needed, etc. This was a fast-paced site with a rapid flow of submitted articles directed at NASA-Goddard's 10,000 employees. 


My job was to do content updates and bug fixes, and occasionally implement pages for new sections of the site. At the time, this was an HTML site that used Foundation and include files.


My work involved content updates and occasional design for special pages for the Small Business and Acquisitions divisions of Tricare, the nation's military healthcare system. All pages I worked on were static HTML.