Visual Design

Visual Design

Below are visual design samples I've produced in the past 15 years. Samples include booklet covers, brochures, 3D models, and experimental design studies for personal projects.

First row

Item1: Cover for a design guidelines booklet for Townscape Design, one of my primary clients as a freelancer. 

Item 2: Historic brochure for Urbana, MD. This was done for Rodgers Consulting, prior to the time when Dave Ager, one of the principals, broke away to establish his own company. Shortly afterwords, I left Rodgers to work for Dave as a freelancer.

Item 3: 3D illustration for Sunplans.  From 2007 to 2010, I did dozens of solar home 3D models and illustrations for Debra Coleman, principal architect and founder of Sunplans.

Items 4 and 5: Illustrations for a personal site I did on the subject of alphabets throughout history.

Second Row

Item 1: Alphabet site illustration.

Item 2: Concept plan of high-rise urban development located in the remote wilderness. Personal project.

Items 3 and 4: Housing project model in Easton, MD superimposed on aerial photographs. Done for Stuart Sirota of the now defunct TND Planning Group. 

Item 5: Concept study of the world's tallest buildings superimposed into a photograph of Washington DC. Personal project.

Third Row

Item 1: Land use plan for Townscape Design.

Item 2: Land use plan for the Hellman Company