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Design samples

Home Page

  1. Existing home page
  2. Current site has too many bright colors. Font sizing is overly large in places, helping to confuse the reader's sense of hierarchy. Overuse of social media icons. Overly large 'Read More' icons. Disjointed gaps appear throughout the page. The major categories do not stand out. The 'mission statement' slider at top tries to convey too much information for a single slider.

First Round

  1. Home page design 2A
  2. New design that incorporates a more modern web design look and feel, that potentially delivers a hard-hitting message typical of an activist website.

  3. Home page design 2B
  4. Variation on 2A. Uses small block repetition patterns from some prominent web sites.

  5. Home page design 3A
  6. Simplified, minimal design meant to emphasis substance over style. The heavy use of gray and white enables the sparse use of color to be more important, creating an emphasis that does not 'shout.'

Second Round

  1. Home page design 3C-2
  2. Refinement of Design 3C.

  3. Home page design 4.1b
  4. Refinement of Design 4.

  5. Home page design 4.2b
  6. Refinement of Design 4.

Daily Newsletter

  1. Daily newsletter design 2c
  2. Daily newsletter design, converted to inlined css format in the Foundation platform


Fully coded design sample

  1. Donate page